High-end athleisure wear with a mission.

Inspired by professional sports, created to match your style. Made from 100% recycled elements.  FOUR10 strives to reduce waste by innovating the world of athleisure wear. We promise to recreate what you wear and how you wear it, by introducing a new circular model into the world of sportswear.


There's a new brand in town, and we are here to make a difference.


FOUR10 was created through a shared passion for sport. A new brand was born by combining the two numbers 4 and 10 in the biggest sport in the world. The number four in football brings security and leadership. Number ten stands for creativity and courage. The combination of these two also happen to be a tribute to football’s legendary number 14. The company’s name reflects on a passion that surpasses the pitch: sustainability, innovation and empowerment. Brought together in a new circular model. Embracing Goal 14 of the Sport and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we’re looking to the future, while cleaning up the past. Stay tuned as we take you along on our journey.


Tons of garbage every year


Percent garbage on the surface


Marine species are affected by plastic


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Meet our Team

United through a shared passion for sport, dedicated to cleaning up the past and dressing the future.